Download the demonstation video of 3D Bend or watch it online


Reduce your scrap rate



because 3D Bend is now available


3D Bend simulates the entire press brake bending process from start to finish on your PC.


Less training required

You no longer need to teach your operator the entire bending process. Simply give them a detailed printout from our software detailing each step of the bending process with direction to insert the sheet metal. The entire programming of control is done through the software by your CAD department.


No test runs needed anymore

Simulate everything, avoid every collision before it happens, saving you time and material.


No programming of control by operator

Just download the finished program from your PC.


3D Bend data transfer only works with SACIE controls.


Our product is available on a simple monthly rental contract.


Monthly rental (includes free upgrades)  minimum contract of 12 months.

R 599

Installation and training (once off)

R 2 000 for Johannesburg area




Download the demonstration video from our website NOW at


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