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Digiread Digital Readouts
Digiread Digital Readouts...

1,2 and 3 axis Digital Readout displays for sinewave,squarewave and RS 422 transducers. Preset counters,PCD,Tooloffset and Feedrate options. Pressbrake counters for angle and backstop position. Counters with relay output for EDM. Counters with relay output for tolerance indicators. Counters with Renishaw trigger input for 3D measuring machines.

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Pressbrake control systems.
Pressbrake control systems...

1 and 2 axis pressbrake control systems complete with backstop and angle adjustment for Exactility,Promecam,Elga,Heli,Ajial,Amada and Durmazlar pressbrakes. Replacement controls for existing systems.

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Single axis controls.
Single axis controls...

Single axis controls for Guillotines and cutoff lines
like flying saws and shears or any special
purpose machine. Special software routines
can be supplied to customer specifications.

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SEP 2 and 3 axis point to point controls.
SEP 2 and 3 axis point to point controls...

Point to point controls for pressbrakes for the control of backstop position and bending angle Point to point controls for profile bending for the control of lenght and angle. 2 and 3 axis controls for milling machines. Special software routines can be supplied to customer specifications. 200W DC drives and motors.

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ISA add on PC cards.
ISA add on PC cards...

1,2 and 3 axis CNC controls.
1,2 and 3 axis PCcount3 counter cards
24V DC i/o cards.
Half bridge transducer cards.
EXE units from sinewave,TTL to RS 422 transducers.

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